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Tax and Accountancy Services for Startup Companies

As a startup company owner, you devote most of your time and energy building the operational structure of your business, and establishing your company brand. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect the financial and accounting aspects of your business.

SmartField Accountants is out to help you with that.

What We Do

We have a checklist of what startup businesses should do and what needs to be complied. We’ll run you through with them, offering you no-nonsense advice.

  • Decide what legal structure suits you best – should you operate as a sole trader? A limited company? Or will you be better off running business with a partner? Our qualified accountants will discuss each option, guiding you through this decision-making process and setting you on the right track.
  • Register your company to become a legal entity – so that you can legally start trading as a company, we will help you plough through all the registration paperworks and process your registration with Companies House.
  • Setup a separate bank account for your business – to be able to help you keep track of all the money coming in and going out, we will help you setup your business bank account. We’ll help you choose a bank with proven track records in helping startup businessmen like you.
  • Keep on top of your HRMC obligations – on the first year of your business, you may get overwhelmed by the National Insurance Contributions (NICs), Value Added Taxes (VATs), Self Assessment Tax Returns (SATRs) and year-end accounts that you need to keep track of. At SmartField Accountants, we take as much filing and administration off your hands as we can and make sure that everything is processed in a timely manner.

Why Choose Us

We understand what it takes to start your own business – extensive research, sleepless nights of planning, and your undivided attention. But if you think your business idea is the “next big thing”, you need to start now – the sooner you take off, the better.

We, here are SmartField Accountants, have built our business helping startup entrepreneurs like you. Our years of experience allow us to help new companies achieve their business goals.

By trusting your tax and accounting with us, you can focus your energy on core business activities such as business development, customer base expansion and sales growth, while we make sure that everything is shipshape account-wise.

Get in touch with us now!

Here at SmartField Accountants, we provide startup business owners affordable tax and accountancy service package. We also offer free initial consultation to explore which business entity option will suit your needs best.

Plus we offer free business stationery pack which include essential templates and a simple accounts pack to record accounting information. Contact us now at 0116 2 98 58 48.

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